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What are the advantages of domestic productions (U.S.) versus overseas production (China)

  • Importing products (via ocean freight) takes time. On average, it can take 30 days to ship an order from our overseas factory to your door. With domestic production, the shipping time is reduced to approximately 5-7 days. (Air freight delivery is also a viable overseas option which would greatly reduce import time, however there is an added cost.)
  • You are only required to pay for domestic shipping, as there are no additional import or handling fees. Even for minimum quantity import orders, these extra fees can sometimes total hundreds or thousands of dollars. If you choose our China/USA “hyrbid” option (see below) many times your shipping is included from China to our factory.
  • Due to our US factory’s size, we can produce most applicable 125-2500pc orders (in some cases) within 1-2 weeks after sample approval.
  • When an order is produced domestically, your money is benefiting the U.S. economy. Help put America back to work.
  • Fabrics and materials can be domestically fabricated. This means that your item can be marketed as “Made in the USA” or “Made in USA with Imported Materials”, and will carry applicable labels.

What are the disadvantages of domestic production (U.S) versus overseas production (China)

  • Generally, domestic production may cost slightly more (per piece) above foreign production costs. If you aren’t sure that your customers are willing to pay the added cost, or if you are working from a limited budget, this issue should be carefully considered.
  • While our U.S. factory has access to most commonly used plush fabrics, there are limitations on specialty fabrics. The Chinese marketplace offers a much larger selection.
  • When it comes to 100% USA plush, there are design complexity limitations, which may only be rectified through our China “hybrid” option below. *

Are there any other made in the USA options, but without the large expense?

We can fabricate your custom plush design “skins”, which are made from Chinese raw materials. This is known as our “hybrid” option. Upon USA receipt, we can stuff and finish them in our USA factory. This is the most affordable and most requested “Made in the USA” option. The sewn tags would read “Made in USA with Imported Materials”.

Hybrid custom plush toys undergo far more rigorous inspection (at our USA factory) than can be realized overseas. If any defects are discovered, in many cases our seasoned toy engineers can repair on-site! This complimentary service saves our clients the frustration of losing more time and spending more money, as a result of traditional overseas repair/replacement options.

At the present time, 100% USA production is only applicable to simple plush designs (simple animals, shapes, pillows). Upon receipt of your design inquiry, we will review and advise available manufacturing options.

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